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Η παρέα της Siouxsie

Melt! You are the melting man You are your situation There is no time to breathe And yet one single breath Leads to an insatiable desire Of suicide... in sex So many blazing orchids Burning in your throat Making you choke Making you sigh Sigh in tiny deaths So Melt! My lover, melt! She said melt! My lover, melt! You are the melting man And as you melt You are beheaded Handcuffed in lace, blood, & sperm Swimming in poison Gasping in the fragrance Sweat carves a screenplay Of discipline... and devotion So Melt! My lover, melt! S he said melt! My lover, melt! Can you see? See into the black of a long, black car Pulling away from a funeral of flowers With my hand between your legs Melting ... Rhapsody In the soil of out sadness Hear our hearts bell a serenade A faint choir tenderly shaping A lament ... a hollow refuge In the blood of the twinkling sky Breathing in air drunk dry There was once a time of rapture All is lost ... a pale gleaming Across this crooked land Runs a crooked man